Art with Data

We’ve been doing some work with computer vision for our clients and couldn’t help having a bit of fun with it. Advances in computer vision (i.e. deep learning) have spawned all kinds of interesting effects and innovations that can even impact something as creative or “human” as art.

There have been some excellent implementations, such as Google’s DeepDream, style transfer and Google’s (again!) AutoDraw all showcase some of the magic of deep learning.

Without getting too carried away, here’s a quick example of using style transfer on our logo. Pretty cool!

This is even more effective when applied to photos, where (for example) one can take the style of a famous painting and superimpose it on your image. A famous example of this is below:

Finally, just because we can, here are some more images of our logo that have been “dreamt up” by a neural network. Not bad!

While this stuff is no doubt fun, of course the application of this to real business problems leaves a bit to be desired. Still, analytics on unstructured data is a huge opportunity that has yet to be addressed by most companies - and understanding the ins and outs of neural networks means we’re well-placed to respond to these opportunities. Plus, it makes for great conversation!

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