Verge Labs has developed a suite of materials aimed at businesses looking to upskill their staff in data science, AI and machine learning technologies.

Our base content can be customised to address particular focus areas or business problems, and, if desired, we can tailor our content around your actual data.

Applied Data Science
Time Series Analysis
Data Visualisation
AI for Managers
Deep Learning - Beginner to Advanced
Machine Learning Techniques
Data and Machine Learning Literacy
Python, R and Other Languages for Data Analytics
Custom Content


Priya Krishnamoorthy Open Data Science Conference Workshop
This was perhaps the best session I’ve attended thus far. Thank you!
Ankit Tanmay Mishra Open Data Science Conference Workshop
Agreed. The best session so far.
Anon Melbourne Business School
Ian was great - super engaging and knowledgeable! I think he managed to balance the right amount of content/theory against practical examples, and I left the class with a really solid understanding of applications in the real world.
Anon Melbourne Business School
Ian is a very responsible and enthusiastic teacher. Love him!
Anon Melbourne Business School
... really appreciate how he found useful material for the apps we wanted to build, that was awesome.
Anon Melbourne Business School
I really enjoyed how everything was nicely built up and the ability to practice what was being taught. Really simplified the whole process of creating an app, something I thought would be far more challenging than it actually is with the help of R-shiny. Much more confident in going further to implement an application.

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