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My partners and I have given countless talks about data science, and are often asked at conferences, meetups and other events about which resources we find valuable for staying ahead of the curve. What follows is a non-exhaustive collection of our favourite aggregators, blogs and courses for those who want to stay informed:


  • Data Science Weekly - the most relevant and cutting-edge data science from around the world, every week.
  • Data Elixir - another weekly digest with a great collection of posts.
  • KDnuggets - highly respected portal with news, opinion pieces, courses and more. Actively curated by the great Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro.
  • Papers with Code - academic papers posted with their code, allowing for results to be replicated by others. Great initiative, and a really good way to see what’s trending in the research community.
  • R-Bloggers - Over 750 bloggers sharing ideas, tutorials and applications for users of R.


  • Distill - some of the latest and most interesting ideas explained with incredible visualisations, guided and curated by a “supergroup” of experts.
  • Towards Data Science - the home for data science on - lots of really great content to be found here.
  • The Gradient - a strong, well-researched and well-written collection of articles and ideas.
  • Cassie Kozyrkov - really insightful perspectives from a top blogger and Google’s Chief Decision Intelligence Engineer.
  • Yanir Seroussi - a long time friend of Verge Labs, Yanir is one of Australia’s most accomplished data scientists and his blog provides a balanced and clear perspective on many important issues within the profession.
  • Mike Loukides - a collection of posts across a range of topics from one of the most coherent voices out there.
  • Google AI Blog - the latest developments from the global leader in AI.
  • The Pudding - some of the best visualisations out there, telling stories in a novel and absorbing way.
  • Flowing Data - another fantastic data visualisation blog.
  • Hyndsight - a top resource from one of the world’s premier forecasting experts.
  • Sebastian Ruder - one of the most exciting machine learning researchers around, mainly covering NLP ideas and developments.
  • Cloudera Fast Forward Labs - possibly the most innovative company for applying machine learning to business problems, the Fast Forward Labs blog is always an interesting place for ideas just before they hit the mainstream.
  • Talking Machines - for those who prefer podcasts, it really doesn’t get much better.

Courses and other resources

  • DataCamp - bite-sized, hands-on data science courses covering everything under the sun. A top resource!
  • - the place to learn deep learning. Renowned machine learning aficionado Jeremy Howard delivers a no-nonsense syllabus that has empowered an army of deep learning practitioners. Their blog is excellent as well.
  • Elements of Statistical Learning - the machine learning bible. Download free from this link.
  • Kaggle Kernels - a place for Kaggle competitors to publish their solutions - a great place to learn from some of the best applied machine learning practitioners in the world
  • D3 Gallery - hundreds (thousands?) of examples of data visualisations (with code) using D3, the most powerful / flexible data visualisation library on the web
  • From Data to Viz - a really great little tool for suggesting the most appropriate graph types for your data
  • The Open Source Data Science Masters - open-source resources covering the full breadth of the data scientist skillset

The list goes on. Of course, there are lots more out there, but these are the ones we check regularly as they are really pushing the field forward with their innovative and high-quality offerings. If you feel we’ve made any glaring omissions, please get in touch and we’ll check it out!

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