Life insurance company

We worked with the actuarial pricing team to help them prepare for a major tender.

Customer challenges

The team had built a data pipeline and some models but were looking for a custom software tool to bring it all into one place, allow them to analyse and visualise results on the fly, and fit new models. They wanted it to wow the client, demonstrating the possibilities of machine learning / AI and be aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use.


Over a short period with tight deadlines, we worked with their team of actuaries and designers to build the end-to-end product, including training their team on how to make their own improvements going forward. We provisioned an R Shiny server for this work, as it integrated well with the teams’ existing work which was predominantly in R.


We were informed the product was still being used and improved by the team more a year after the tender was completed. Furthermore, the use of Shiny that we pioneered has permeated other departments at the company.

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