We at Verge Labs are proud to launch - an ethical AI software suite.

Why do we need this?

We have seen discussions about ethics in data, machine learning and AI proliferate in the conference circuit, on social media and in the news. It has become one of the fastest-growing trends we’ve seen in this space, and experts in ethics, law and data science are coming together as never before to promote awareness and develop practice guidelines.

What we have seen little of, however, is evidence of successful implementations of ethical data practices. Data products are complex, and it is far easier to pay lip service to a set of principles than it is to change engineering culture. We have developed Oversight to ease this transition - to provide the software, advice, research and community to help companies proactively step into this new era. As always, we endeavour to lead from the front, to rebuild trust in data and algorithms, and ultimately, improve society.

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